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Yala Forest Overview - Naturo Graphers

Wilidlife Activity at Yala:

Yala located in the south eastern part of Srilanka near Hambantota, is a National park covering of area with huge number of flora and fauna from big mammals to the smallest of birds. The park is very close to the famous temple of Lord Muruga/Karthikeya, Kathirgamam near the town of Tissamaharama.

The park is a good adventure for wildlife enthusiasts interested in photographing Srilankan leopards which are the main big cats in Srilanka. Also found in vast numbers are sloth bears, elephants and birds both resident and migratory in the winters. The Wildlife Safaris will be conducted with famous photographer and Srilanka’s finest naturalist Mr.MEVAN PIYASENA.

Photography Opportunities:

  • Leopards (Pantherus pardus Kotiya)
  • Asiatic Elephants
  • Sloth bears
  • Birds

Best Time to Visit the Park:

Best time is all months to Photograph Mammals as well as birds both resident and

Migratory ones depending upon the seasons.

September and October park closed as per the rules.

What We Do

Confidence Comes From Discipline And Training - Robert Kiosiki

A true dedication towards photography helped us in becoming Naturographers. In the same way we are willing to ignite the passion for photography for youngsters. We will be conducting theoretical and practical workshops to understand the phases of photography.

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