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Jhalana Forest Overview - Naturo Graphers

Wilidlife Activity at Jhalana:

Jhalana is a great urban conversation story. Situated right in the heart of Jaipur city, this 17 sq km park hosts more than 20 Leopards as on early 2017. While the park itself is pristine wilderness set in Aravali foothills, just outside the park boundaries one finds industrial areas of Jaipur city. Maybe that is the reason why the Leopards find it safe inside the forest and are not reported often to stray out of the park. Recently the authorities have started jungle safaris in the park in vehicles, and Leopard sightings are pretty regular.

Photography Opportunities:

  • leopards (Pantherus pardus Kotiya)
  • Hyenas
  • Birds

Best Time to Visit the Park:

Anytime it can be visited.

What We Do

Confidence Comes From Discipline And Training - Robert Kiosiki

A true dedication towards photography helped us in becoming Naturographers. In the same way we are willing to ignite the passion for photography for youngsters. We will be conducting theoretical and practical workshops to understand the phases of photography.

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