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What We Are

We are NATUROGRAPHERS who got attracted towards wildlife in the year 2014 with tons of photography experience. Naturographers is our dedication towards wildlife & nature photography tours. We started loving the art of nature through the lens which in turn became a passion. Slowly our wildlife passion turned into an addiction, started going with various groups to Indian forests covering from the north to south of India.

We would like, through Naturographers, to show the enthusiast interested in wildlife the beautiful aspects of photography involving wild animals and birds.

What we see through our eyes cannot be expressed in better way than seeing them through photography. So we took an initiative to capture the Wonderful Moments of Wildlife and we are trying to make the upcoming generation take interest in enjoying and loving the nature.

We conduct wildlife & nature photography tours in areas like:

  • Ranthambore, Rajasthan
  • Gir Forest, Gujarat
  • Jhalana, Jaipur
  • Talchappar, Rajasthan
  • Bandipur, Karnataka
  • Tadoba, Nagpur
  • Kabini, Karnataka
  • Masinagudi, Tamilnadu
  • LRK, Gujarat
  • Jim Corbett, Uttarnchal
  • Bhadra Tiger reserve, Karnataka

What We Do

Confidence Comes From Discipline And Training - Robert Kiosiki

A true dedication towards photography helped us in becoming Naturographers. In the same way we are willing to ignite the passion for photography for youngsters. We will be conducting theoretical and practical workshops to understand the phases of photography.

About Us

Our works will be can be seen always on facebook and instagram and further updates will also be given on social media.

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